Main activities of the Design Studio


 1. Design Project of interior, facade, landscape, small architectural forms – design of residential and commercial real estate for private and corporate clients. The wishes and the formation of a concept idea to its implementation. We offer:

interior design bedrooms with neo classical/


          - сonsultations,

          - measurements premises,
redevelopment of apartments and houses,
interior design, facade house, landscape of the yard,

          - development of individual elements (ceilings, floors, forging, etc.),
          - visualization,
- drawings,

          - selection of furniture, materials, equipment,

          - repairs and project realization.


2. Visualization photo-realistic images and elements for corporate clients and professionals: designers and architects, manufacturer’s decor. The qualitative 3D image will approve the project circuits lighting, colors, materials, types of surfaces, prevent the possible design errors. List of services::

Landscape, landscaping




          - visualization and animation of individual elements,
3D concept,
visualization of the interiors,
visualization of exteriors,

          - night illumination of facades,
accompaniment of projects,



Our Customers

Private customers who want to make repairs, alterations, to design an apartment, living room, billiard room, bedroom, hall, office, restaurant, build a house or landscaping, construction, architectural companies, individual designers and architects, design studios and computer graphics blacksmith shops, furniture manufacturers, advertising agencies, and others.

Features of the team

1. Able to understand client needs, its essence, when working with a group of customers to consider the interests of all parties.
2. Take a treat to detail, offering clients options, warn of possible errors.
3. We love difficult tasks - as they develop most. We believe that there are no hopeless situations - the more restrictions, the more interesting work.
4. Combines creativity and business. For us creativity - an opportunity to create an exceptional product in combination with new ideas and solutions. A business - an organization that enables the best ideas implemented.
5. It is more important to do what the customer really need.
6. Working with us is easy and fun.
Design project of living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen in a modern style

Basic principles

Quality. You can be assured that you will receive a quality product, regardless of the terms and conditions. Our team - talented specialists, passionate about their work, which has a hobby become a profession. We created a continuous quality control at every stage of the project, which minimizes errors.
Terms.  We always carry out the work in a given time. With us, the customer can be sure that will result in time. Work on the project is divided into several stages. This system stays abreast of affairs and makes the necessary changes. We always try to establish the most effective work correctly and use the resources available to implement complex and innovative projects in the shortest possible time.
Service.  We are interested in long-term relationships with our customers, so we build a positive dialogue with them, organize optimal progress and execute projects within set deadlines. You can comment and to amend the project anywhere in the world using a computer connected to the Internet.

Using the services of our studio once, you will apply again and again.


Interior Design

The interior has to be functional, technological and aesthetic. Buying a house or apartment is the desire to impart this space personality. We are sure you will want to have a home that will satisfy all the needs of your family and be a reflection of your worldview. Natural vision to create not only the perfect home, but in the future, make sure that the house will rise in value, thanks to the ideas, technologies and materials laid down therein.
Computer project Photo after the implementation
Design project cafe
In today's world of home interiors creation and proper investing money in it requires careful preparation and planning. Before us is a question of choice blend of style, technological innovation, proven solutions, materials, lights, architectural proportions, engineering, and other ideas in one of the interior, which is not always an easy task even for professionals. Complicates the task of a wide range of options products available on the market.
Design project of living room, nursery, bedroom in modern style
We will provide full information and explain in detail about the upcoming design process. I am sure this information will be useful to you and help you realize your dream as soon as possible.
..............................Computer visualization ......................... Model of gypsum decoration Finished product
Computer model plaster decoration and finished product
Design project - a process of interaction between client and designer to create the desired result at a particular site.

Vision of the design

1. Systematic work   - consistent way to conduct projects that guarantees the results, the timing and quality of work that we are discussing.
2. Preliminary analysis and research  - define the terms of reference and time on the project.
3. Functionality –  the most efficient use of available space. We love open space, based on this effective planning solution.
4. Spacewe have an interesting volume. Although the details are important, we do not order from us if you need only decoration.
5. Thoughtful interior design is obtained by moving from planning to scanning through a certain style, richness of detail, accent items and engineering solutions.
6. High quality visualization –  is an integral part of our project. Considering the high quality rendering with materials, textures, light, forms, see such a project, which will in reality. Most importantly - you will see it is before the funds will be spent on repairs.
7. Colors –  mostly natural. Basic colors palette visible in the works: beige, brown, white, pastel, not rich shades of different natural colors. Bright insertion elements.
8. Materialsrecommend high quality and natural. Floors - parquet flooring, marble, travertine, ceramic and carpet. Walls - painting, decorative plaster, wood paneling, wallpaper less. Ceiling - plaster, paint, drywall, wood, ceilings.
9. Lighta lot of time to light his hand. We love and use scatter lights, concealed lights, side lights, contour.
10. Contrastsclearly working in our design. The combination of dark / light, expensive / cheap, glossy / matte, cold / warm, light / shadow. Cleverly placed accents create a mood, emotion, without overloading the interior as a whole.

The basic style


Design living room design in contemporary style.

           Modern style simple clear
           image with interesting elements,
           original forms and the budget
           realization of the project.

Design bedroom design in classic style

          Classic style  - different logical composition,
          сstrict harmony of proportions, symmetry
          and geometric accuracy, with three options
          saturation elements: light, medium, heavy.

Design project hall-style Art Deco.

         Art deco elegant blend of classic and modern details,
          an unusual combination of expensive
          and exotic materials.

Design kitchen design in the style of Provence.

          Provencecombining the best home mood,
          using old items, the emphasis on comfort
         comfort and low-cost solution.

The sequence of interactions

1. Technical specifications, measurements, photos of rooms and units of the facility.
2. Planning decisions.
3. The style, the overall design.
4. Visualization, lighting design, materials.
5. Working drawings of the project.
6. Formation of albums.
7. Preliminary estimates for the work.
8. Supervision, the implementation of the project.

Costs and terms of fulfillment of the project

Design of an object usually averages 6-15 USD. per square meter premises with a total area of 80-200 square meters. Development of working drawings10 USD. sq.m. (Full set of drawings: measurements, disassembly, alterations, plans floors, ceilings, furniture placement, plumbers, electricians, sweep the walls). Large room with an area over 100 m², terraces, swimming pools, garages and industrial facilities that do not require major the design can be counted with a low coefficient of 1/2 or 2/3. Terms of default project given approval for about 2 months. Possible options for individual configuration and discuss the project cost, reduce the cost by eliminating certain items from the list of drawings or renderings.
100% quality guarantee
Starting work on the project, we clearly define the rights and obligations of the sides, the terms of performance. Payment is made in stages and involves minimal advance. If you do not like our project at one stage we make changes free of charge, offer other options or refund money is not executed stage.
Departure of designer for free
The first visit of designer for seeing the customers, view of works that are not represented in the portfolio, consulting and inspection of the facility for free. All ideas, solutions, suggestions and opinions expressed by the designer during the meeting are not paid.
Free changes in design

Full design project contains 2 albums:

1. Visualization (3-4 foreshortening for each room).
Design Project for Children and bedroom in modern style
2. Working drawings (Apartment of 100 square meters 35-40 sheets).
- Plan of measurements.
- Plan of dismantling of existing partitions.
- Plan of mounting design partitions.
- Layout of furniture, sanitary ware.
- Floor plan.
- Plans placing floor heating, heating.
- Plans ceilings.
- Plans for the location of switches and sockets.
- Sweep the walls.
- Specification of materials.
Working drawings, plans ceilings, electrical, remodeling, removal, sweep the walls

Your project

If you like our work and you want to know the details of cooperation call now:  +38(097)60-35-367 or send by email,to consult or discuss the project.
Design project nursery, living room, kitchen

Facade design

 Service for those who want to change the look of the house. Take the ready box and dress up it.

Stages of work

1. We conduct measurements, pictures and define the concept of the project.
2. Create a schematic solutions, 3D graphics.
3. Draw the the working drawings.
4. Implementing the project or carry out supervision.

The cost and deadlines

1. Departure, measurements, photo fixing, concept, idea, materials, 3D Graphics - 500-800 EUR.
2. Working drawings - 200-400 EUR.
Design house facade

Your project

If you like our work and you want to know the details of cooperation call now:  +38(097)60-35-367 or send by email, to consult or discuss the project.

Landscape design and additional services

1. Development and landscape small architectural forms.
2. Lighting and exterior areas.
3. Design of terraces.

Examples of projects

Landscape and territory (paths, landscaping, rock gardens. 2 EUR. 1 m²)
Design area of the court
Small architectural forms (Design garden house, fence, pool, 200-400 EUR. for element. Dates for 4-10 days.)
Design fence, garage, barbecue
Design basin, fountain, gazebo

Design of terraces


Stages of the project

1. Technical specifications, measurements, photos fixation of object.
2. Planning decisions.
3. The style, the overall design.
4. Visualization, lighting design, materials.
5. Working drawings of the project.
6. Supervision, the implementation of the project.
Design project of terraces

The cost and deadlines

1. The concept, the idea, the materials, 3D graphics 7-10 EUR sq.m.
2. Working drawings  5-7 EUR. sq.m.

Your project

If you like our work and you want to know the details of cooperation call now: +38(097)60-35-367 or send by email, to consult or discuss the project.

New Service  Remote designing

You like our work and want to order interior design ? But there is a problem, the location of your home, flat, or land is outside the city Lviv or Kyiv?
You are able to order design development remotely. Our experts can do the work on your project no matter in which part of Ukraine or another country is your residence or projected object. Order the design is very simple. Call your +38-097-35-367 let us know convenient for you time and place. The designer can go to any city in Ukraine for measurements, photofixing and consideration of requests or send to our e-mail у  the following information:
1. The plan of the room.
2. Tonnage drawings (size of premises, thickness of walls, high ceilings, windows and doorways, the point of output of communications and ventilation ducts)
3. Photos of premise or video.
4. The form specification (sent to the customer by mail).

Telecommuting is done through communication with you over the phone, via Skype and via email to make the work was performed exactly to your wishes.