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We are looking for people who like design. First of all, open and positive personalities, attentive, responsible, initiative, and will be glad to get acquainted with successful professionals. If you want to work on individual projects, please send your information to the email workgl@ukr.net , examples 1 or 2 specific projects and their cost. In describing specify what you are doing you spend on work time, and other materials that describe you as a professional. Once we have a job for you - we will also discuss circumstance of cooperation.

For Suppliers and Partners

If you would like to offer us your services, products, information on cooperation and interaction of other options, send please your message at e-mail: workgl@ukr.net . It is advisable that your post must contain interesting and understandable information with examples of work and prices. Please do not call on the phone and offer bonuses to designers. You should not send the default template, but the letter personally to us, which will tell us how you can be helpful to our customers and why should I choose you. If we are interested in your offer, we will contact you. A few questions that interest us most:

1. Name of your organization. Brief information about it.
2. Contact information, cell phone manager (possible solutions for urgent matters). .
3. The main services provided.
4. What a difference from your competitors.
5. Reviews of the clients (not less than 3 units) or contact of the client (at least 3 units) who can verify successful work with you.
6. Mini portfolio (3 specific projects).
7. Description of work. What exactly were you doing at this site, how much it cost, how much time it takes. What difficulties are and how you overcame them.

Principles of cooperation

In our work with subcontractors and suppliers we follow the principles of fair business, which involves mutual respect and transparency in business relations, and law and ethics. We are asking you to pre-read several paragraphs, we require strictly abide to work with us:

1. The reaction rate.
If you have a lot of work right now - tell me about it in advance. Better we will work in a different time than we will be disappointed in you. It is important to stay in touch and be responsible for our project working person with a mobile phone, which you can discuss the details of the project at any point of the standard workday.

2. Qualified staff.
Your representative must be empowered and be fully aware of the project, not to transfer or shift the responsibility to the other members of your team.

3. Terms.
Be sure to follow the terms stated in the contract. They said that the reply tomorrow morning - send tomorrow morning.

4. Quality.
Should be maximum. Any products must undergo quality control on your part for compliance with terms of reference and errors. Do not transfer it for us or the client.

5. Willingness to address deficiencies.
Those who do nothing - never wrong. We are sympathetic to small drawbacks, but be prepared to fix them at their own expense within a specified time project. The error is nothing to worry about. Important reaction to their detection and removal rate.

6. Transparent pricing.
Worst of all - its unclear price and confusion in numbers. A good specialist with experience always knows the approximate cost of production and can easily be called the order numbers for making principled decisions.