Design and Visualization: create interior design

16 October 2013

Do not think that the design and visualization cope man who is nothing or very little aware of the construction industry. In addition, the design involves close collaboration client and designer. A common language and find an individual approach to every client is not able to.
In the process of creating a design project can be divided into two main stages:
- Search for ideas;
- The implementation plan.
The plan forms the customer, taking into account the stated objective. Designer, imaging method, has put his plan into real picture.
Main role purpose room. If it is an apartment or a vacation home, you should start with the number of residents and potential visitors, as well as broadly represent the future style. This may be a classic, ethnic or modern style.
When it comes to interior public establishment ( restaurant or club), the design must take into account the bulk of the visitors, and the general direction of the project. Finally, if there is a need to design, visualize future interior office, it is important to represent, whether created an atmosphere of positive impact on the image of the customer and how to maximize employee productivity through design. Only taking into account both of these aspects, the project will be successful.
Very often the client does not have even a rough idea of the future interior. In this case, the design, visualization divert a significant role as design decision is taken directly to the course of the project.
Designer provides an idea of how to change the reserved space around them. Following the idea of the client uses its own specialist knowledge, talent, sense of beauty and generates an optimal idea through design, visualization. Designer shows the customer the possibility of a style. The client must make a fundamental decision. So by design and visualization creates a basic concept of the future interior.
And the implementation of the plan is without a customer. This designer uses her knowledge and special software intended for the design and visualization.
The design process includes:
- Measurements;
- The state of the premises to repair;
- Several options for planning;
- Plans floors, ceilings, furniture placement and plumbing fixtures;
- Explication of the premises;
- Plan to dismantle the old partitions and create new ones;
- Artistic or computer visualization of interior.
At the design stage and visualizing the customer still has the opportunity to change things without significant costs. Still not too late to move the wall or choose a different type of flooring. Of course it can be done on almost any stage of construction, but the change will cause an increase in terms of higher prices and repairs.
Thanks to the successful design of client accepts an informed, deliberate decisions. Using visualization, you can break the space time getting photos of the interior, are filled with furniture, appliances and household items.