Design services for redevelopment apartments

05 November 2013

Redesign apartments - it rather troublesome and without qualified service designer sometimes not enough. But nothing can be done , because it's worth .
Redevelopment studio apartment will make it or studio space , or vice versa - separates a small office or bedroom. Using the services of a designer , you can pre- view options and make the right choice. The fact that the space for the imagination of the designer involves alterations in two or three-room apartment , and can not speak.
Most importantly, any design alterations to the apartment - a compromise between actually existing square meters and a dream owner , and redevelopment brings reality to dreams. A competent designer aims to put your dreams on paper first and then in reality.
The main constraints faced by alterations to the apartment in the panel house , is the presence of load-bearing walls that you can not destroy. Sometimes, though, a work permit from the bearing walls can be obtained , but this requires a large amount of calculations and approvals. You will need not only design services but also an architect.
So when planned redevelopment panel apartment, you must first obtain information that wall bearing . Otherwise , the options for redevelopment apartments depend only on the designer's imagination. The photos on the websites design studios have quite a few ideas of what should be a modern re- apartments, apartments photos show before and after the operation.
Various examples of redevelopment of apartments will help decide what look like you want to see your home . Designers using the service , you will receive a design project need not only to you but to then get the approval of alterations to the apartment .
Our studio offers design services for redevelopment of your apartment or house .