Landscape Design Project

18 November 2013

Landscape Design project involves the development of an overall plan design landscape in the area, made in a certain scale.
The design of the project area is different from the sketch because it is not sketchy, and definitely shown improvement plan to deploy elements ( garden paths, playgrounds, water plants, rock gardens, hardscape ) and landscaping (trees, shrubs, flower beds, flower beds ).
Landscape design project provided a clear breakdown of zoning and land into functional areas ( recreation area, playground, reception area, entrance area, etc. ). The project included the landscape roll planned to plant trees and shrubs. The project landscape design specified locations and functional outdoor lighting landscape lighting.
Professional design design gardens and gardening can not be processed without preliminary action plan, the name of which landscape design project, which is determined by the overall concept of style and zoning areas, and then performed a set of drawings with more detail Deep - landscape design of the site.
Land, building and the surrounding buildings are usually performed in the same style, revealing the tastes and preferences of the owner. Making plots should not be inconsistent with the chosen style, and task designer - complement and embellish existing decorative elements so that they look harmonious and people would feel comfortable.
Getting Started, specialists studio " Bercy " are the terms of reference, adding landscaping project detailed data ( eg, topography and soil characteristics ) to the next stages the risk of errors would be minimized.
From standard landscape design landscape design project is less detailed : it is not attached drawings. If the customer's budget for landscaping and gardening, limited, sometimes very design project to implement ideas for improvement of the landscape on the site. Design Landscape design can be performed manually, while Landscape design is performed only by specialized software.
Inclusion in design of all elements of landscape design allows you to demonstrate to the customer how to look after his plot the full range of landscape works, compare the requests of the owner and the possibility of real implementation. In landscape design project can be added to a tentative budget for the implementation of ideas.
Landscape designs is a kind of " artistic passport " of the future court.
If you own a small area without the expressed difference of topography and complex hydrological conditions (high water table, water-logged areas), the development of a design project can be the best option for your area of landscape design.