Supervision for repair work

17 October 2013

Supervision is perhaps the most sensitive issue in relations between the designer and the customer.
Ideally, you first need to develop a design project, quietly and diligently perform all technical drawings and specifications for the construction, and then you can definitely begin repair work on the subject.
In practice, it appears that work on the project begins simultaneously with the repair and construction work carried out in parallel. This creates a lot of problems and situations of misunderstanding between the client, designer and builders. In some cases, the customer waives service supervision, as he believes that having the design project, it will cope with its implementation itself. In some cases, he does not want to deal with the designer practical side of their work, preferring to work and create interiors, sitting alone in a quiet office.
Supervision - is the work carried out by the designer for the duration of repairs to complete their graduation. It is to follow the work of construction crews in terms of compliance schemes, drawings and specifications approved your interior design project.
If necessary, the designer promptly adopt the necessary adjustments and changes ( with the consent of the customer). Designer as the client is interested in achieving the objectives for quality and professional implementation of an interior design project !
As part of the contract for supervision provides scheduled site visit to clarify the details of an interior design project and making appropriate comments on the journal works.
The presence of the designer in the implementation of supervision for repair work is required. As the author of a design project, but it may change or correct the work, without disturbing the harmonious connection of all elements of the project.
Supervision for repair work includes:
  • Advice given on all construction drawings and sketches;
  • monitoring the progress of repairs to the premises;
  • compliance with the chosen solution coloristic its implementation;
  • line finishing materials selected samples;
  • placement of decorative elements of the interior (paintings, vases, mirrors, etc.).
The cost of supervision is discussed separately, depending on the timing of construction and literacy workers performing repairs.